I had a really interesting conversation today with the research practicum today. And it got me thinking about how to document the work that I do, because so much of it is invisible, its code and planning, and maps. I really feel like the process of what I do is as much the work as the final output. Maybe even more. I’m starting to think that I’d like to make a catalog or small book of my time here. Things I’ve read, things I’ve built, and take some really nice photos of my work space, and diagrams. Maybe ask one of the photo ppl here to help me out with that.

There’s always the question when you make digitally based ephemeral art, which is what are your artifacts? What do you display? What do you keep for the record.

Anyways, a small book. Might be nice to do some design things again in that vein. A way to tie my past as a graphic designer into things I’m doing now? A way to do some more visually based stuff around the work I do which is very not visual at all.

Something to chew on this weekend.

Not A Studio Day

Sometimes I don’t sleep well and I’m not productive. On those days I grumble a lot, and then spend some time reading in my room drinking tea. I’ve got a few on the go, but this one is pretty fun.

I sometimes feel this pressure that I should spend every waking moment in the studio, but I realize that’s not always realistic. Whether here, or at home. There are days you just don’t want to be in a room or a building anymore no matter how nice it might be.