Putting Things Together

After going through the layout process I started putting things together into their little envelops. This part wasn’t that different from my 2019 process. I mostly just let the printer print away, then folded everything over and trimmed down the collages to fit properly. The front I went with something maybe a bit too vector-y, but I liked that I could make them very much a 1 and 2 design and have them be related. One is just the inside of the other.

I feel like the little card collages came out well and working little printer print outs into them was a good move. I feel like I could have done more to integrate the collage-feel into the zine itself in the end, but next round.

Collages and Small Printers

Working on some collage this week using tickertape printer output and and found items. I’m starting to think that I want to use my little BT printer instead of my older adafruit printer, which would change the format of my zine, but overall could be a positive outcome. I feel that I’ll spend more time doing assemblage and less time in software, but frankly I’m fine with that. I’ll have to play around with the Phomeo printer firmware though.

So after hooking up my old Adafruit printer that I used in 2019 and porting over my code, I have come to some realizations that there is a lot of buffer overflow. And I’m starting to lean more towards using my Phomeo which I wouldn’t be able to directly translate the code I have to use with it, but I’m thinking maybe I can repurpose my old zine code to be more of an assembler that outputs a PDF I can print from the Phomeo. I’ll tinker with it. I have found some open source libraries for the phomeo, but because its bluetooth its not as reliable. One option could be outputting everything as a website, and then printing from web. Scaling could be a problem. I’m going to do some experiments.

Little phomeo bluetooth printer